sw27's BetterTouchTool Presets

Release Notes | Searchlight


  • Add: macOS Monterey Support.
  • Fix: Fixed not able to use "&" in search word.


  • Add: Enabled to change the action of search. This feature is an alpha version and has no UI yet.
    • Manually edit in preferences.json. Please set after updating preset and starting once.
      Open the "/Users/[your_name]/Applications/BetterTouchTool/Presets/Searchlight/preferences.json" and edit the line below.
      "fnEnter": "currentTab",
      "fnCmdEnter": "newTab",
      "fnShiftEnter": "newWindow"

      fnEnter = Enter only.
      fnCmdEnter = Command + Enter.
      fnShiftEnter = Shift + Enter.
      If you want to open in a new tab with just the enter key, set it as
      "fnEnter": "newTab",
      "fnCmdEnter": "currentTab",
      "fnShiftEnter": "newWindow"

  • Change: Change the location of the "preferences.json" and "record" files.
    • When updating from v1.0 to v1.1, please back up "preferences.json" and "records". The above files is in "/Users/[your_name]/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool/PresetBundles/xxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxSearchlight/". In v1.1, the "/Users/[your_name]/Applications/BetterTouchTool/Presets/Searchlight" folder is created at the first startup. Copy the file you just backed up to this folder.

  • Change: If the content is only keyword, close the search form.
  • Fix: Bug when opening in new window.
  • Fix: The search form may not close after closing help or settings.


  • First Release